Running from the outside world

Well I am sorry I have not written for a few days its been a struggle .


I came down with a pinched nerve which  made me redundant for a few days , the idea of not running for 10 days was not a good one ,  You know we often as runners take our gift for granted .

We prance around in our under sized lycra and skimpy singlets with our man bras and ever so tight Active wear , in our active wear .. ok ok .. in our Active wear .  We give our selves high fives because we look at our selves as special and while most of that is true , We sometimes fail to see the world of non runners perceives us .

Often non runners don’t even recognise us as humans but mere shadows hence the often unwitting events of running in to them at times thinking

” Didn’t they see me . they should have seen me !!! “

Sometimes we expect that because we are runners people should just step aside as a runner this week , I have had to step aside for some runner who though He owned the suburb where I live and no bastard was going to be on that footpath .

I have also observed the fitness group YAY !! team syndrome as a  runner not able to run and thought Jesus are they flirting with me to say

” Hey look at me I ma a goddess check out my hot calves thighs and suck my breath in and hold for 20 Butt !!! “

The air of expectation at Coffee shops where they constantly use the words PB , lap time , Garmin and brag about how long they ran or how far they ran as if the need to be over heard was so great that they  would suffocate or self explode if no one heard them.

I thought ,Shit Gary you do those things.  OMG your are one of them . !!

Like a zombie in Walking Dead … thirsting for its next high eating the oxygen of the next poor victim .. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

However I regained consciousness and realised why I run . I run to help me feel better about myself .  I run because it helps me face the day . I run because I care about my well being and I run because it is my medication of  choice for my ever relenting demons in side my head ..

I ma not one of those pavement huggers , I am  a more humble version . I wave to other runners as I pass them , I smile at non runners in the park and even say hi …  When I do my coffee runs I am in awe of runners who are even a second or two faster than me ,,

I ma better now and last night I ran in ho humid weather around the harbour , I thought about those less fortunate than me who cannot run or even walk due to their own situations in life , I thought about those with mentally  unstable moods so bad they are confined indoors and cannot get out very  often  .  I thought about my friends who wish they could run but do not have to time .

So I guess not running for a week has ma be given me a chance to inwardly reflect about what it is to be a runner .

Don’t take your gift for granted …. Appreciate and respect it and be mindful of those who may never experience the joys of happy pain …


happy trails and happy running


Gary Darbyshire


The journey of Darbz..

Journey of Darbz.... a running blog for the soul

Welcome to the journey of Darbz  a running blog for your soul !!!

Hi Im Gary a member of the current known universe author of two blogs already and now  taking the journey of Darbz .  With this publication I hope to inspire you all at a level so deep that you  wont even know you have been . A blog so powerful that it will whiten your teeth with out you even having to grab a tooth brush and will allow you to believe in ideas and concepts that are so amazing that you will think .. Why didn’t I think of think of that ..

Darbz is my nick name shortened from my English surname of Darbyshire .. yeah posh eh but really I m just an average who likes to inspire others in the way I write , do , believe and generally look at life …

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I ran up a mountan and lived fearlessly ! !!

Well last weekend I challenged my self in a run up Mt Keira . An elevation of  390 metre vertically from go to woahhhhhh maaan !!!!

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It was an event organised by a friend of mine Rob Battocchio ,a local who as well as being a well respected Personal trainer  also manages and organises events of the fitness nature .

This event thought was special . it was all about raising awareness to some thing close to my heart , mental health issues and was part sponsored by South Coast Private Hospital  a mental health care facility  in Wollongong and one place  I know intimately after several stays there for treatment .

Organised as part of an initiative of  Fearless Outreach an initiative to bring together people , experiences and dialogue in the area of Post traumatic Stress disorder ,  An emphasis of this run was to promote the cause and initiatives  to increase awareness .   They  as a group are in the middle of planning a major forum next March 2016 .

Fearless Outreach face book page

There were over 200 people that came. OMG so many  people including armed forces personnel and many dedicated hospital staff . Of course there were the dedicated runners like my self   ( LOL ) and even the mayor turned up ..

The test of the run 

Well after speeches and thanks to some awesome people who made the event happen it was down to business..

OMG  5kms straight up !!!  .

Now I pride myself on at 51 having done a few half marathons and many other long runs but nothing of that prepared me for 5kms of HILLS !!! unrelenting in your face cant stop wont stop ouch gotta stop ,,, ahhhhh

I ran the first 2 kms thinking yeah piece of cake , my pace just a little slower than my normal 5km pace . yep I can do this may even PB or even get close to my elite running friends , then my calves started talking to me and said ok interval is over now time to go flat .. But as I had not done any real training of late on anything more than walking back to my car  up the hill to where it is parked before my long runs well I guess my Phoofer valve was not happy  and then as runners often do I started to try and run through it .

A spiritual rationale 

I slowed right down to 3 minutes off my pace and then thought come on !!!!   .. like Leyton Hewitt 2 sets down and losing 5 -4 in the third . It was then when I realised one of the reasons I was doing this . I remembered my Art Therapist Anna who sadly passed away and who had given me the will to learn and  be free to express with out judgement with out fear of others opinions to be perfectly imperfect  . At that moment I realised why in so many ways I was doing this . It was not about how good I am  or how fast I ma or if i can beat runners half my age  . it was personal it was about just getting in and getting it done . I spoke to her spirit in my mind and said  I understand .. thank you Anna …

After a moment with my soul I laughed and thought .. ok , then my body said thank God  !!!  So my next goal  was to find a big wide tree as I guess there were no loos at the start and I need to pee !!!!    I spotted a big wide tree  a big connerfurus hanga leakus tree .   I moved to the side , I saw a boxy wide ass volvo parked along side it so I made my move ….

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh…that felt so good !!  life was good .. and I moved back to the run

running at a normal pace  now with renewed energy i continued to make little gains ..

A man called Dan 

Up ahead was a quiet un assuming character Dan Hunt who I had met  on other occasions with the fearless group at the hospital . I slowed down . We waled together for at least 15 minutes we talked about our issues with mental health , we talked about why we behave a certain way and we talked about the heart of mental health and how the stigma needs to be broken . Dan though known by  many in the region for his prowess on the football field was more of a big heart on the mountain run .

We talked about the stays at Hospital and I confidently told him my own experiences . Dan was understanding  .   This guy is 29 and so mature for his age .   We got close to the finish line  and I got a second wind . Dan had helped me settle a little and realises what this event was all about .. So I broke free like the  chariots of fire dudes ….

We often look at sporting heroes as big ego driven and very much on the take or limelight . Dan could not be further away from that . giving of his time and generous with his offering . I caught up with him later for a selfie …

I finished the run and felt pretty good ,

I had a word with the big bloke upstairs who I imagined would be annoyed at my getting up so early in the morning  on a Sunday … then banana coffee and … my usual mingling ,,,

A great day and more learning about my self than my physical ability to climb 390 metres …  A day of awesome activity , awesome people and awesome memories and my Art therapist  Anna .. I guess I will just have to draw something form it all …


Thanks to all at Fearless , Dan Hunt and Simone and Rob

on so many levels I thank you and am grateful

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Too hot to run ?? Meh , run at night .

So I look outside and see the  glorious sun beaming down on my freshly mowed lawn and I think to my self

” What a wonderful “

” And I think to my self ……

Ok Ok I get it ,  It has been a hot week .. temps above 25 C and I have only managed 12kms since an amazing effort on Monday when I ( Self grandiose Comment ) did a 10kmr with in 50 seconds of my PB for the distance ..  best time for a year.  Ok enough of that , self importance holy than now bullshit , mierrda , caca , poo poo …

But needless to say I was happy with my effort …


Not bad for 51 !!! …  ok sorry ..

Thing is how do we get out and run in the heat how do we pop on the Mizunos and get out there and run ,,,  My secret is run in the evening after a hot day .. paths a clear ,  its usually cooler and apart from the odd weirdo in full lycra and  sporting a head band an  80s  walkman all is ok right ??

You know your mind tells you its dark , why run when you cant see much . Well for me I love it . why ? , well because due to my illness ( the one in my head ) I have found running in the evening to be soulful ( not my feet , that would be scary if you have seen them close up or have a fetish for feet ) ..ewww … dont go their sista .. !!!

Any way  often if it is hot during the  start of day or your just too damm busy checking status of long lost dead relos during the morning or listening to  Kochie or Karl  , famous Aussie brekkie show hosts Who are egos to their own lunch boxes, bless  their cotton blended black socks .   You may find yourself at the wrong end of 7.30pm or 1930hrs for your military and Euro babes out there . Or for those who don’t understand it is on the bottom right of your task bar ,,, Or  if on Android the top right of your tiny little WTF screen .. and Apple freaks please dont get upset .  You will find it some day …..  ( Star Tek is not real ) !!

So what do you do ,, grab your Mizuno Asslick Nike skechers complete with auto lace up and piss me off toe boxes that micro organisms call home …  ( I still still call Australia ,,, ) . And head out to the local track or road or bike track …  Ok for my trail running friends put your dicky  head light on your head and go find a trail .

haha follow the yellow brick road !!!!….

Did I mention Lycra ..mmmmmmmmm Lycra , latex , leather hosen  something so smooth and sexy about running in that sort of gear .. Ok Ok enough run porn ..   Lycra in the evening works a treat . as it is cooler it helps insulate against the moons gravitational pull and the just in case solar flares or  biggus assen flatulata  decide to make a run for it !!!

Gettng an image here …. yeahhhh baby Runna shaggelishous .. ( New word in urban dic ) ,,lobba  lobba.


You could get away with this at night .. How hot are those asses girls ?? I am the one on the right …. buffed ass !!!

Running at night though apart from all the nonsense just mentioned allows me to reflect inwardly in between the heavy breathing and panting like you have just shagged for an hour and forgot to take the blue pill .. ouchy !!!  . It allows me to diffuse my anxiety and no matter how pent up or sexually frustrated I may be or how angry at the world I am at the time by the first 1km or  2 minutes running It is all washed away like the fat kid in Wonkas chocolate factory .

As I run the tracks an roads and beaches and trails and treadmills ,,,, TREADMILLS ?? ,,, cut that last one … I feel so free , so within the soul as I mentioned before , Running works your mind not just your body . the further you run the more it works it ,, As yo get better it is like meditation .

like OHM OHM OMG !!!!!! ahhhhhhhhh .. but better ..  Same but different .  you start to see dolphins and rainbows and the night turn to day and I think to my self …. What a wonderful world … Then you stop …ahhhhh Rungasm ..  ( not in dic )

Usually for me it is to hang a leak … If you are American go ask an Aussie  or think about it .. but at night my friend in the darkness .. No one can hear you Piss !!!! .. and hopefully not see you,,, Girls this cold get tricky here but there are devices you can buy to help you here ,,,  Or if you run with some one it is much easier to hide them behind you and hope to hell the dont spray you!!!

For me the key is lubricate before running !!! oh Kay ? Why ?  …

So that is night running because it is too hot ..  and you sleep like a baby after it … So if it is too hot today to run .. wait till it cools down and allow your soul to embrace the solitude of night running and not having to negotiate the road and track or trail with over zealous poofy looking ( not that there is any thing wrong with that  , disclaimer )  Mammals on those lower on the fit scale  souped up dinkies …

Go out go run and go far …………………

Blessings to your soul and all that stuff ,,,,

Darbz ….   996980_549685371780631_1881828548_n

mwah hahahahaha… seeyas tomorrow ..

leave comments and gratitude please ,,, I need it .. or money helps .

ciao !! bellas ….

The journey of Darbz..

Welcome to the journey of Darbz  a running blog for your soul !!!

Hi Im Gary a member of the current known universe author of two blogs already and now  taking the journey of Darbz .  With this publication I hope to inspire you all at a level so deep that you  wont even know you have been . A blog so powerful that it will whiten your teeth with out you even having to grab a tooth brush and will allow you to believe in ideas and concepts that are so amazing that you will think .. Why didn’t I think of think of that ..

Darbz is my nick name shortened from my English surname of Darbyshire .. yeah posh eh but really I m just an average who likes to inspire others in the way I write , do , believe and generally look at life . I have been on this planet for at least fifty years in my current life and God knows how man times before this .

I hope to make you  bring out the real you in my posts and show you how awesome the world really is based on my experiences   and along the way share some of my current goings on .. I m a bus guy this time with many man interesting experiences to talk about .. Some absolutely Gobsmacking and some that will have yo thinking about your very existence .

This is definitely not a boring blog site so if you think its all going to be flowers and puppy dog pictures with minions scattered around the fire place toasting baby angry birds and marshmallows think again …

I love running , writing , fitness  ,  singing ,  coffee , sex , and am a social fluesie .. oh and I like to help others smile a little more oh did I tell you I like runnng ?? ….

Yes I will give you the today I m breathing posts that social media expects , I will also talk about more serious things too such as why is the sky really blue and other non descript stuff . I will keep you updated on my running conquests and also my adventure conquests , I will share my deep seeded emotions in a way that you will be able to  sit there with your head tilted back and think WTF is he on about and then say wow … this guy is deep for a runner …

So strap on your lycra an enjoy the journey .. I have no particular destination in mind … but I plan to show you many places that are in my mind .. from today …

All aboard …..Journey of Darbz leaving now !!!!!….


time to run ,  trek , sing , write and inspire you all ….





Life is short play hard , Journey of the run

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